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Yoga Therapy

These sessions can be for any experience with yoga and these classes are student-centered with a holistic approach to health and wellness by focusing on the entire person. Rather than offering a diagnosis and treatment for a specific condition, Paige creates a program for optimal health based on the specific needs of the student in a safe learning environment through which the student and Paige explore personal and medical history, perceptions of areas of balance and imbalance through body awareness exercises, and the student's experience with yoga including favorite and least favorite poses, where a student might experience pain or discomfort in a yoga pose. As the sessions develop, other areas of exploration include breath work, psychological strengths and weaknesses, and the role of stress in the student's life.

Based on these evaluations Paige selects yoga techniques to facilitate optimal wellness and designs a program of yoga practice to meet each student's needs.


Who can benefit?

  • Those with specific health conditions looking for an approach to yoga specifically designed for their needs

  • Professional groups, teachers, health care specialists, or businesses, who would like yoga classes tailored to their specific needs

  • Those who are needing a slow and personally designed program to move them toward optimal health

  • Those who have been practicing yoga within a set system resulting in imbalances in strength or flexibility, perhaps even pain or injury that prevents them from continuing in a class format

  • Those who would like to use yoga to explore the full spectrum of their being, including feelings and emotions, in a safe, nonjudgmental environment

  • Those who would like to focus on a particular aspect of yoga with which Paige is particularly familiar, such as asana, pranayama, or self-inquiry

  • Those who would like to explore he common boundary between yoga and modern medicine, research, and science

  • Those who can recognize that in order for yoga to be a complete path of freedom and integration, a personal practice is needed.



A minimum of 10 therapeutic sessions plus the intake session is recommended for all clients. The intake session will last 1.5 hours and cost $75. Therapeutic sessions are 1 hour sessions at $60 or bundle 5 for $250. 


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