Paige's workshops, presentations, and interactive lectures are designed with her audience in mind. She explores difficult topics with warmth, honesty, and vulnerability working to both inspire and offer tangible tools for participants to take into their lives.  

Speaking events are available for any group looking for a unique and engaging opportunity. If you are interested in booking a speaking event, please review the speaking topics and use the contact form below to reach out to Paige. Paige enjoys working with event coordinators and is happy to customize workshops within her scope of practice. Her most popular workshops are outlined below.


Zebras don't get Ulcers, Why should We?


This workshop explores the role of stress in our lives and pursue mindfulness as an avenue to disconnect from stress and connect to joy.


During the workshop stress is discussed through a medical anthropological and yogic perspective, mindfulness is defined, and several breathing techniques will be practiced and adapted to any setting. A guided meditation will be led and optional meditation jars will be created. 

Finding Presence in Western Society

This workshop focuses on techniques to reconnecting with the presence in an increasingly forward projecting society.   

Exploring Sex & Gender: LGBTQ+ Inclusion

This workshop is about learning to understand the complexity of sex and gender through a cultural lens for both the workplace in within your community. During the workshop participants will explore their own understandings, feelings, and reactions to the topics of sex and gender in order to better understand the impact we can have on equity within our society.  

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