Grandma, I hear you

Each day in Denver was filled with glorious sunshine and mountains. I felt so at home and at peace.

It's a funny thing to have left home for just two weeks and to not know exactly how to put down into words what it is I experienced while in the Colorado mountains. I think I'll try starting at the beginning when I made the decision to continue this particular pathway into yoga therapy.


I began yoga therapy training in 2017 through a program on the east coast during which I learned so much and met such extraordinary people, and yet something wasn't quite the right fit for me in terms of the program itself. I found myself triggered at times by my own healing and yet it was not encouraged for us to step into that to explore. I thought I would end pursuing becoming a yoga therapist until I was introduced to Inner Peace Yoga Therapy, a program where I instantly felt connected to the director, mentors, and fellow peers. So I transferred into this program and found a methodology that made sense to me, a program that encourages me each day to step into the work and to practice what I teach others. To use my tools for my own healing and growth.


This brings me to Colorado. I intended on doing this portion of the training, Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy Certification last year and about a month before, decided something didn't feel quite right, yet. So I listened and waited. In February this year I knew I felt ready to dive into this work. This program asks us to commit to being far enough in our own journeys before taking the training in order for us to not become overwhelmed by our own traumas and triggers. And because I waited, not only did I get to visit Denver for the training but I reconnected with another teacher, my dear friend Katie, who not only lives in Denver, but decided it was her time to step into the trauma training too.

Katie, her sweet puppy, Lou <3, and me


The training was intense, long days that left us mentally exhausted by the evening. We went for walks together, prepared meals, and woke up earlier than I ever like to get up in order to do our own morning rituals and practices.


We hiked mountain trails, and I found a place in the mountains where I felt my grandma's presence like nowhere else and I cried the tears I had been holding back since April. I let go. And it was beautiful.


Grandma, I hear you.

This photo Katie took when I was deep in the moment of feeling. We had earlier passed right by the same location and I barely glanced at it. I was distracted by a circle of trees just to the right of the spot where I noticed someone had left a walking stick behind. When we turned back on the trail to begin to descend, I walked to the center of the trees. I felt the pine needles beneath my shoes, the shade of the trees enveloped me as I placed a hand on the trunk of one. This is when I began to cry. Through tears I saw a little purple mountain flower like only those I’ve imagined guiding my pathway when creating guided meditations. And then a few more of the purple flowers dancing in the gentle breeze next to the rock I realized I was meant to visit. And so I did. I sang a song I learned from a Swami when training in Austin. And then I listened. Really listened to the silence of the ravine. The whispers of the trees. And I felt her presence.

Crystal purple glowing buds.


The very last day of the training, Katie and I went to Red Rocks Amphitheatre to see three of my favorite artists for the most spectacular line up under the full moon and surrounded by beautiful souls. There was music, dancing, singing, and affirmation cards being shared. An experience I will not soon forget.

Can you spot Denver (left side)

Red Rocks

So many affirmation cards passed by. This was my favorite <3


One of the most significant take-aways from this training is the way in which yoga therapy can support individuals to do the deeper work with our mental and emotional health through talk therapy. Yoga therapy can support individuals ground back into their bodies to prepare for counselling and even to after sessions in order to center and ensure they are present by connecting to their breath and body through movement.

What can you expect in classes with me? All classes with me will now be trauma informed, and the shift will be subtle and gradual, perhaps you might not notice any significant shifts as my training background had already guided us to this place. You might notice more non-directive language shifting the focus to supporting you in uncovering your inner power. I'm with you on this journey and I so look forward to each breath together.


With Gratitude and Love,



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