Studio Classes with Paige

All classes with Paige are trauma informed

Join me for my weekly classes at Performance Locker

Fire Yoga

Fire yoga is an invitation to explore and reconnect to your body. Postures promote heat and inner awareness while strengthening, lengthening, and balancing. Reconnect the mind and body while moving through different poses in a heated studio, temperature ranges between 85 to 90 degrees. Level One and Level Two Fire Yoga are offered to accommodate experience levels. Click Here to Sign Up


Level One
Great for beginners or experienced practitioners. Focus on breath, balance, and body awareness. All shapes, sizes, and ages are welcome.


Level Two
A sequenced flow connecting movement and breath. This class is vigorous in nature, however students are encouraged to take breaks as needed and modifications can be offered. Prior Yoga experience is a prerequisite for this class.

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Deep Release

Deep Release Yoga provides an opportunity to de-stress tissues, organs, and mind, allowing for an awakening to happen within the body to relieve postural tension, reduce restriction and discomfort, and restore balance. Many props are used to allow for release of connective tissue for muscle elongation and postural alignment.


Warning: It may feel like a yoga massage. 

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Gentle Yoga

A gentle way to approach yoga. Restore and relax the body’s energy with supported yoga postures and breath exercises. Great for beginners or experienced practitioners alike. We welcome all shapes, sizes, and ages. Click Here to Sign Up!

Gentle Yoga is Perfect For…

  • Beginners and advanced practitioners

  • Individuals seeking stress relief

  • Great for individuals with busy schedules! This class is drop in friendly

  • Love high intensity work outs? Gentle Yoga offers the perfect counterbalance.