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Have you been feeling groggy or the need to spring clean your own self? In Ayurveda, the sister-science to yoga more below, we practice a spring cleanse to support our gut health, and yes that means exactly what you think.

The cleanse will take place anytime during the month of April. You choose the dates to best serve your schedule. I will post my dates in the private Facebook group if you want to practice with me or follow the guidance completely independent.

Space is limited to 8 participants

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What to Expect

There are an overwhelming number of cleansing techniques available for us to connect with. If you are looking for a break for your body, a reset for your digestive system, and a straightforward cleanse without a lot of fuss, then an ayurvedic cleanse might be right for you.  This is also a great opportunity for a first time cleanse experience. Ayurvedic cleanses follow a monodiet of whole grains and a rice dish called kitchari along with fluids and steamed veggies (fruit options also are optional).

Ayurveda recommends cleanses between seasons, when we are among times of transition. However, like many cleanses, this may not be appropriate for pregnant or breastfeeding women. If you have other health concerns it is good practice to speak with your primary health practitioner before participating in a cleanse.

This cleanse is generally safe for a diversity of constitutions and imbalances (we will learn more about this together), however, any cleanse can be challenging physically and emotionally due to the nature of the process. This is a gentle cleanse and should not cause great amounts of discomfort, however you might experience some ups and downs physically and/or emotionally. Participating as part of this group will help support you in the process.

Your investment includes:

· access to the private group

· recipes

· dosha quiz

· other resources

· hard to find ingredients: mung dal, kitchari spice blend, CCF, triphala herb

· guidance by therapeutic yoga instructor

Total Investment:


Three day cleanse: $50


Five day cleanse: $ 70

(plus your fresh ingredients, rice, and oatmeal)

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Thanks for registering, you will be sent an invoice with your chosen payment method within 24-48 hours. Once payment is complete, you will be added to the online group!