Music Under the Stars

Universal Connection through Music & Science


If there is one universal connection between all humans across all times and places, it is music.


Experience Music Under the Stars Thursday, Dec. 13 from 7-8:30 p.m. at the Besser Museum with Indian River native Joshua Stoddard in a unique sound bath experience under the starry scape in the museum’s digital dome planetarium theater.

cost: $20 in advance, $25 at the door

Purchase tickets at The Besser Museum


Local anthropologist and yoga instructor Paige Trisko connected with Stoddard at a sound bath event earlier this year.


“Having the opportunity to bring a sound healer like Joshua to Alpena is so exciting,” Trisko said. “I cannot wait for the unique combination of music with the stars in the dome to be offered to our community.”


Trisko said the ambient tones created with the instruments intentionally are used to connect to creativity within humans and enable people to pause in the business of everyday and instead take a moment to receive.


“Sound has been crucial to humanity in both development of people physically and psychologically from the times of sound and vibration assisting in survival to sound becoming a deeper understanding of emotional connection within our lives,” Trisko said.


Humans, she said, have the unique ability to create and predict music. “While some animals have recently been shown connecting to beats, on Youtube you can watch videos of birds bouncing to the beat of music, something that makes us uniquely human is that we create music,” she said.


Sound healing, or sound bath, is not a new phenomena, but has ancient roots across cultures from ancient Greeks to Aboriginals to Tibetans and have been growing in popularity more recently showing up at music festivals and yoga studios across the country. The intention of these contemporary concerts is to help relax, meditate, and offer individuals space to heal emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Cost of this experience is $20 per ticket in advance and $25 at the door. Tickets are limited and can be purchased at the Besser Museum.

Joshua Stoddard combines his passion and over 20 years experience as a musician with his love to provide a space of peace and healing to others. Stoddard has an audio-engineering degree in the recording arts and has worked with a variety of bands in the music industry including The Strokes, Regina Spektor, Sun Kill Moon and Fountains of Wayne.

Other notables about sound healing:

  • Sound healing has been shown to be effective in physical healing including cancer, arthritis and autoimmune disease through reduction of stress and aiding in pain management by moving the frequency of brain waves into frequencies inducing deep meditative and peaceful states to promote healing (Dervil 2015).

  • The vibrations assist in stress reduction and have the ability to alter consciousness by creating a deep sense of peace, well being, and health.

  • Sound therapy has been used in healing left brain activities connected to mental functions including language, including in stroke injuries disrupting the ability to speak due to injury to the left side of the brain (Nunner 2017; Dervil 2015).  

  • Many responses occur during sound healing ranging from strong emotions to deep sleep and even dreams. Individuals have reported feeling different frequencies in different areas of their bodies, while still others say they simply feel more relaxed. Any and all responses are appropriate.


For more information about this experience, contact Paige at or call the Besser Museum at 989.356.2202.

To learn more about Joshua and his tour, visit



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