Our Mission

Our hope is to create connections between people in a global world where it is only too easy to feel alone. Yoga, music, and mindfulness in action is our mission, living our practice to heal ourselves and to inspire others to take action in our community, our world, and especially to support those who often fall between the cracks. We see you.


One breath at a time.

Karmic Roots Yoga welcomes all people who resonate with this pathway.


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Why Karmic Roots?

Karmic Roots Yoga stems from the Buddhist understanding that nothing in this world occurs without reason. 


"Only ego-driven actions create impressions within the individual, which later manifests as Karma"

--Yoga Sutra 4.8 

            We have the choice to plant negative or positive seeds which take root. Through yoga, we can come to know our connections and till fertile soil, for positive seeds. Through diligent practice, we can grow like the lotus blossom from the depths of mud, we bloom.