Creative Awakening Yoga and Art

March 8, 2020

So excited to be collaborating on this b

The only thing holding me back is me.
I choose to be free and to create.

We often think of artists as creative but what about ourselves? Do you ever feel stuck or unable to create? Or perhaps you already consider yourself to be creative but are looking to further unleash your potential. Join Yoga Teacher and Sound Healer Paige Trisko along with Creative Arts Teacher Sarah Bedford in an exploration of the inner creative residing in each of us.
Creativity begins in childhood and often feels stuck, left behind, even blocked there. Join Paige on the mat to begin unleashing your creative potential through breathwork and guided movement with the intention of unblocking and releasing in order to tap into yourself. We will consider what comes up for us, including our own limiting beliefs surrounding creativity in order to confront them and create something positive. We can choose to be free and to create.
After the movement practice, sound vibrations will be used to enable participants to move deeper into themselves, experiencing the after effects of movement and breathwork at the cellular level to soothe the mind, body, and soul.
Tap into your creative freedom and prepare to harness the energy with Sarah as you experience a creative release with ink, watercolor, and string art. Sarah will guide you through the tactile use of this versatile medium, and you will be given the opportunity for gently guided creation that allows your own true inner artist to flow. Let the artwork you create remain as a steadfast reminder of the joy of your expression through your immersion into movement, sound vibrations, and art.
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Paige's students and clients describe her as a peace warrior and she brings this passion into her trauma informed classes which range from exploring laughter to learning more about vulnerability and self healing. Paige incorporates sound, reiki, guided relaxation, and yoga poses to encourage her students to explore their bodies and minds to connect to their souls and heartfelt desires.Paige graduated from Be the Love 200 hour yoga teacher training with Tiffany Lenau in March 2017 and cannot believe the incredible journey it was. She chose to continue her education and graduated from Kripalu's Integrative Yoga Therapy 300 hour advanced teacher of therapeutic yoga training in December 2017.
Paige is continuing her therapeutic training with Inner Peace Yoga Therapy to become a registered Yoga Therapist in order to enable students to focus on health conditions or symptoms that are troubling them to use yoga techniques to help them connect to their optimal health.


Sarah Bedford is a Creative Arts teacher working in Alpena, Michigan. She has been advocating to break the boundaries of Fine Arts in the traditional classroom sense and focus on cultivating creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking using technology and learning through play. The cornerstone of her focus is a focus on synthesizing choice-based arts and makerspaces. In addition to public school and community arts classes, she also teaches future teachers how to incorporate creativity into their own classrooms at Alpena Community College. In her spare time, she enjoys playing with her three children ages 5 and under (with a set of twins!), exploring the beauty and versatility of watercolor and inks, the energy of the outdoors, and photography.