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About Joel

Guitarist since 1993

Self Taught Multi-Instrumentalist

Musician & Music Teacher

Joel Choate Jr is a multi-instrumentalist whose musical taste spans many genres. Joel combines his decades of experience in the music industry to bring subtle soundscapes and textures to cultivate a peaceful practice.

About Paige

Paige's students and clients describe her as a peace warrior and she brings this passion into her trauma informed classes which range from exploring laughter to learning more about vulnerability and self healing. Paige incorporates sound, reiki, guided relaxation, and yoga poses to encourage her students to explore their bodies and minds to connect to their souls and heartfelt desires.


Paige graduated from Be the Love 200 hour yoga teacher training with Tiffany Lenau in March 2017 and cannot believe the incredible journey it was. She chose to continue her education and graduated from Kripalu's Integrative Yoga Therapy 300 hour advanced teacher of therapeutic yoga training in December 2017.

Paige is continuing her therapeutic training  with Inner Peace Yoga Therapy to become a registered Yoga Therapist in order to enable students to focus on health conditions or symptoms that are troubling them to use yoga techniques to help them connect to their optimal health. Paige is Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy Certified through Sundara Yoga Therapy and all of her classes are trauma informed. Paige focuses on supporting trauma survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and addiction recovery along with grief, anxiety, and depression.


 Click HERE to read more about the differences between traditional yoga classes and yoga therapy sessions. 

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Be the Love Registered Yoga Teacher 200

Integrative Yoga Therapy Teacher 300

Therapeutic Yoga and Functional Movement Practitioner

Certified Usui and Crystal Reiki Master


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Here's a little bit more about Paige to satisfy any curiosity. . .

Music has been integral to Paige's life since she was a toddler learning Suzuki method violin and has studied music for over 20 years. Paige sees music as one aspect that makes us uniquely human. Sound has been crucial to humanity in both development of people physically and psychologically from the times of sound and vibration assisting in survival to sound becoming a deeper understanding of emotional connection within our lives. The intention of sound baths with Paige is to help individuals relax, meditate, and offer individuals space to heal emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Paige's yoga journey began in 2008 when her mother insisted Paige take a yoga class during college to help her anxiety. She had no idea at the time how integral yoga would become to her life. In 2015 Paige began considering becoming a teacher and found Be the Love teacher training with the help of a dear friend and mentor. With the support of her family, Paige took the next step. Each day Paige learns something new about the practice and about herself. It is with the utmost joy that Paige now shares with those who choose to practice with her. 

The first few years of her life were spent travelling the world with her family. This instilled into Paige a sense of wonder about the rest of the world. After her father retired, her family moved to a small farm in northern Michigan which became Paige's roots. Paige is a bit silly and she laughs rather loudly at times. She loves to eat, she devours books, and she loves playing with her two cats and cattle dog. 

In addition to her education in yoga, Paige has a master of arts in anthropology and she teaches at Alpena Community College. Teaching has always been a passion of hers and each semester Paige is reminded to stay humble as she often feels she learns much more from her students than they learn from her. 

There are several ways to take classes with Paige. To learn more about classes, click HERE.

Paige is also available for therapeutic yoga sessions on an individual basis for those who have specific needs and/or goals.